How to contact support?

If you have encountered any issues while using the site please describe your problem in the Telegram chat
For other enquiries, you can contact us at [email protected].

How to start trading and deposit funds to Ethen?

See the beginner’s guide to get familiar with Ethen’s basic features.
Deposit funds to the Ethen smart contract from your personal wallet. Your wallet will be detected automatically if it’s connected at the time you access the site. Alternatively, you can paste your private key directly into the wallet address field.Deposit ETH

How to make withdrawals?

Withdraw ETH

How to find orders at best price?

When you click on a ‘Buy’/’Sell’ button and send your order to the server it will automatically find the best match (which might not necessarily be the same as the order you chose in the order book) and offer you:
  1. currently available orders with the lower or equal price to your ‘Buy’ order (starting with the lowest).
  2. currently available orders with the higher or equal price to your ‘Sell’ order (starting with the highest).

How to buy and sell on Ethen?

Make sure your wallet is connected and select the token you would like to trade. Enter the amount, maximum/minimum price, and expiry date for your order or click on an order in the Order Book to paste in the values. If insufficient assets are available at the price you set or there isn't a buyer for the whole amount you want to sell, your order will be partially executed at the best prices available. Part of your order will remain in the Order Book until it executes or expires.Sell example

How to cancel an open order?

Cancel order

How to submit a token to Ethen for listing?

New token

How to set gas price?

The recommended gas price is set by Ethen. You can change it here:Set gas price

Which wallets are compatible with the Ethen platform?

We recommend using MetaMask add-on or Ledger Nano S hardware wallet for convenient and secure user experience. Read how to install MetaMask extension or connect your Ledger device
Alternatively, you can trade on Ethen with any Ethereum wallet by using your private key, or generate a new one.Use private key

How to connect MetaMask?

How to connect a Ledger Nano wallet?

How to create a new wallet on Ethen?

It is possible to generate an Ethereum address (wallet), if you don't have one yet. This is not a centralized wallet; Ethen has no access to it. This means we won’t be able to recover keys or passwords, reverse transactions or protect it from being hacked. To be in control of your wallet you need to take care of 4 things:
  1. Address: is used to transfer funds to your wallet, and can be given to other people.
  2. Private key: is used to sign your transactions. If anyone gets access to it they will be in full control of your funds. Make sure you keep it safe (preferably offline), and backed up.
  3. Keystore file: is an encrypted version of your private key for advanced security. Keep it on your hard drive and/or usb drive.
  4. Password for the keystore file: only works together with the file when unlocking your private key. Safety measures should be the same as for the private key.
Make sure you don’t lose your private key, keystore file and the password for it. This will result in you losing your funds. To create a wallet:
  1. Select “Create new wallet”.
  2. Carefully read the safety instructions.
  3. Copy and save the address of your wallet.
  4. Click on ‘Show private key button’ to write it down or ‘Download private key’ button to save it as a file, which you should store offline.
  5. We recommend using an option for generating a keystore file and encrypting it with a password, which is safer than using an unencrypted private key. Click on “Download keystore file” and type in a strong password for it.
  6. Click on ”Close” when you're finished.
Read how to connect the wallet you created to the exchange.

How to connect Ethereum wallets (other than MetaMask and Ledger Nano)?

Use private key (not recommended)

You can paste in a private key from any wallet for quick access to the exchange. Although Ethen doesn’t store your private keys, we do not recommend this method. Copying your private key to the clipboard might result in your funds getting stolen if our site is compromised, you accidentally visit a phishing website, or your computer has a malware that can steal clipboard data. "Store the private key during session" allows you to keep your wallet connected after you reload the page. The data is kept in the session storage. A page session lasts for as long as the browser is open and survives over page reloads and restores. Opening a page in a new tab or window will cause a new session to be initiated

Import private key from keystore

The wallet that you can create on Ethen, and some popular Ethereum wallets (e.g. MyEtherWallet, Mist) have an option for generating a keystore file and encrypting it with a password for additional protection. Make sure you keep your keystore file and password in a safe place. You will lose access to your private key if you lose the keystore file, or forget the password associated with the file.


What if the site is unavailable and I can’t withdraw funds?

The code for withdrawing funds is open source and published at

How long does deposit and withdrawal take?

This depends on the Ethereum network load at the time of transaction, and usually takes from 14 seconds to 2 minutes.

Is there a withdrawal limit?

There is no withdrawal limit on Ethen.

How long does a trade take?

The time limit is 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the trade will be automatically canceled.

Is it possible to edit the order?

You can’t change order details after submitting it. Go to Trades > Orders to cancel an open order and create a new one.

Is Ethen safe?

There are a number of steps taken to maximise the safety of your funds on Ethen:

What are the fees and trade limits?

You only pay a fee when executing sell/buy orders.
Maker fee - 0%
Taker fee - 0.25%

Is there a minimum or a maximum order size?

The minimum order size is 0.001 ETH. There is no maximum order size on Ethen.

When do I pay gas?

Gas is an execution fee for every operation made on the Ethereum blockchain. This fee goes to the miner who mines your block.
You pay gas any time you send a transaction to the Ethereum blockchain, including executing a trade and sending tokens or ETH from/to your wallet.
You don’t pay gas for creating a buy/sell order, which can't be matched immediately and is sent to the order book.
Please note that the gas required for each transaction is always charged from your personal wallet. Make sure you have enough funds left for gas when you make a deposit to Ethen.